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At Virtual PA New York, we will provide you with a dedicated Personal Assistant who will work from a minimum of 2 hours – 8 hours per day, ensuring they meet all of your requirements. Your Personal Assistant in NYC will fulfil tasks across numerous sectors involving general Personal Assistance, HR, Marketing, and Finance. To find out more about the virtual PA services we offer, please visit the services page on our website, or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Our customers can select their dedicated Personal Assistant by going through our well-designed hiring process.

Step 1. We will pop you over 2 resumes that match your business requirements, skillset and personality.

Step 2. We will schedule Zoom interviews between you and 2 candidates (individually).

Step 3. You will choose the PA that you feel that you would work best with.

Virtual PA New York aims to match your requirements, skillset, and personality together. Once you have selected your dedicated Personal Assistant, a NDA or non-disclosure agreement will be signed upon your request.

Our Services



Personal assistant service is one of the most sought after features that we offer our clients. Hiring a personal assistant from us would not only help you maximize your valuable time at work but would also help you grow your business faster. Outsourcing your smaller as well as time-consuming activities from any location to our personal assistant NYC will not only allow you to concentrate on activities that would drive your business forward but would also help to generate considerable profits.



When clients go out in search of a personal assistant, they keenly lookout for those who are not only capable of doing smaller works but also those who are efficient in managing marketing tasks. As we know a business without marketing is sure to fail, hence being highly efficient in marketing is crucial for all personal assistants. We assure you that our personal assistant service not only has the potential to assist you to manage your marketing tasks but can carry out all required activities that would get you optimum sales as well as drive relevant success.



Every organization needs top-grade HR management to run efficiently and stay compliant with the organizational guidelines. HR management is the next top personal assistant service that we provide. Our human resource services are efficient in enhancing the productivity of the business by workingmethodicallyso as to optimize employees’ daily productivity. At Virtual PA New York, we can best manage your HR as well as ensure that your company functions to the best of their capability.



Finance management is an effective way to reduce costs as well as increase an organization’s value while keeping the entire business functioning smoothly. At Virtual PA New York, we are sure to take good care of your finances by considering all the financial transactions and keeping a perfect record of them all. We also ensure that all your company’s investments& spending are carried out wisely so that you can grow your business as desired.

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