Virtual PA NY: How They Manage Your Calendar Efficiently

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To enhance your productivity and attain the required growth, you should allocate adequate hours for managing your activities that directly contribute to your organization’s bottom line. Availability of limited work hours per day makes time a valuable component. For most entrepreneurs or business owners, work hours of 8 or 9 hours are not sufficient to meettheir whole day’s requirements. The fact is, similar productivity can be maintained at lower than 8 hours of office work per day if time and resources are managed properly. One of the prudent ways for doing so is to take help from Virtual PA NY. A Virtual Personal Assistant works for an organization or business remotely.

Why is Virtual PA NY required to manage your business calendar?

Running a business refers to accomplishing various jobs per day. Categorization of such business activities can be done into 2: Core function and non-core function.

The core function is when all the tasks are linked directly to the leading enterprise of business. In case you are a company consultant or coach, your core function may include:

Organizational presentations


Meeting with clients

Business analytics review

Attending trade shows, business forums, and network events

Carrying out seminars and workshops

How can Virtual PA NY assist address such activities?

Non-core activities refer to those tasks that are directly not connected with the primary enterprise work of the organization. But such activities are as important to perform as core tasks. Non-core tasks of the organization usually are:

Back office support work like bill payments, human resources and accounting

Administrative tasks such as email filtering, phone handling and appointment settings

Various technical tasks like social media marketing, customer service, promotion and research

Your organization can hire a Virtual PA NY to take care of the core activities. Usually, non-core activities take crucial time and do not allow you to work on those tasks that need immediate attention. Non-core activities like email filtering just can take over 2 hours. Likewise, reviewing the office bills as well as setting appointments is the next set of tasks that fall under the genre of non-core, which takes a lot of time. Though called non-core, they are equally as crucial and necessary to perform as core activities. But their issue is they take up massive time. As mentioned by us earlier, time is crucially valuable and staff cannot get much of it in one day. Thus, time management is important here.

One of the prudent ways to manage your time is to opt for a Virtual PA NY who will organize your core and non-core activities on a calendar. Doing so will not just make it simpler for Virtual PAs to track various tasks but also making corrections to the schedule as per need. Non-core activities, as they are simple tasks but time-consuming, can be managed by Virtual PA NY, which would allow business owners to concentrate on non-core activities.

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